Malleable Iron Fittings Reducing Sockets, ANSI/EN/DIN/ISO, ½″-3″

Malleable iron plumbing pipe fittigns reducing sockets, 1/2″-3″: china leading manufacturer

Working pressure range: PN16/1.6MPa

Working temperature range: no more than 200°C

Design standards:Q/ JZ 01-2015(based on JIS B2301) GB/T3287-2011 ISO5922/ISO49/ISO7-1/ISO228 EN1562:1997/ EN10242:2003 DIN2950/1692/2999 ANSI/ ASTM A 197/ A 197M-2000 ANSI/ ASME 16.3-92/B1.20.1-83

Size available: DN15-DN80, ½″-3″

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Product series: malleable iron plumbing pipe fittings equal and reducing tees, socket, elbow, cross, crossovers, plugs, caps, nipple, union etc.

This high pressure pipe fittings reducing socket is made of high quality malleable iron, which can used to Change the flow of the medium in the pipeline.

Compared with other cast metals, malleable iron has better cutting performance than cast steel and ductile iron; better corrosion resistance than cast steel; better heat resistance than cast steel and grey cast iron; better vibration damping performance than cast steel and ductile iron. The low-temperature ductile-brittle transition temperature is lower than that of ductile iron. Malleable iron also has the best welding performance in the cast iron family. Since the chemical composition of malleable iron is low carbon and medium silicon-manganese-sulfur ratio, scrap steel can be used as the main raw material, and even steel filings and iron filings can be used as raw materials. The sulfur content of malleable iron can be relatively higher than that of other cast irons, which is beneficial to cupola furnace smelting malleable iron. From this, the malleable iron pipe fittings has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, uniform quality, mature technology and easy to master, stable performance and convenient removal of casting risers.

product specifications

Product namemi reducing socket with female thread
Model no.mif-01-9
Main materialmalleable iron
Mediumwater, oil, etc.
Design standardQ/ JZ 01-2015(based on JIS B2301) GB/T3287-2011,  ISO5922/ISO49/ISO7-1/ISO228, EN1562:1997/ EN10242:2003 DIN2950/1692/2999 ANSI/ ASTM A 197/ A 197M-2000 ANSI/ ASME 16.3-92/B1.20.1-83
Connection typefemale thread
Maximum working pressure(PS)232psi, 1.6MPa
Surfacehot dip galganized/ black painting/ elcro painting
Model sizeDN15- DN80, ½″-3″
Placed of originChina
Customized supportOEM, ODM with all  standards
Supply ability60 000tons / year
Applicationsuitable for pressure max 1.6MPa, temperature max 200°C, and for pipeline hoding water, oil, gas, etc.
Mechanical propertiestensile strength>=330MPa

elongation rate>=8%


CertificationsUL/FM/CE etc.


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