hydraulic water level control valve, Dn40-Dn350, Pn16

Experienced china manufacture of hydraulic water level control valve with float ball: ductile iron/ steel

Maximum working pressure: 1.6mpa/232psi

Design standards: GB/API/DIN/ EN

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The hydraulic water level control valve has the function of automatically opening and closing the valve pipeline to control the water level. It is suitable for the automatic water supply system of various water towers (pools) in industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings, and can be used as a circulating water supply control valve for atmospheric boilers. The characteristics of the valve It is small in size, simple in installation, high in activation sensitivity, small in water head loss and no water hammer phenomenon. Controlling by the small floating ball can greatly improve the utilization rate of the water tower. For the newly built water tower, due to the reduction in the volume of the floating ball, the upper part of the water tower is left for the floating ball to float freely. The required height is reduced, thereby reducing the cost of the water tower. The valve also overcomes the disadvantages of the old-fashioned stem float valve, such as large size, easy damage, low working pressure, and a large amount of overflow, so it is a more suitable choice for new water towers and replacement of old-fashioned float valves.

Quick detail

Product namehydraulic flanged water level control valve
Model no.H142X-16
Main materialductile iron/steel/ cast iron
Connection typeflange
Working temperature range(TS)medium temperature
Maximum working pressure(PS)232psi, 1.6MPa
Model sizeDN40- DN150, 1½″-14″
Placed of origin China
Customized supportOEM, ODM with all standards
StandardGB/ API/ DIN/ EN
Supply ability100 000 pieces/ month

product features

Working principle: When the water level in the pool or water tower drops and the float valve opens to drain water, there is pressurized water in the water inlet pipe to hold up the piston in the valve, the sealing surface is opened, and the valve opens to supply water. When the water level rises to the control valve, the float valve closes , the piston moves down to close the sealing surface, and the valve stops water supply.

  • Using hydraulic control, the structure is novel and reasonable.
  • The work is stable and reliable. Within the specified operating pressure range, no water hammer impact can be guaranteed.
  • Light weight and small size.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.


water level control valve installation

Fix the valve vertically on the water inlet pipe, and then screw the control pipe, stop valve and float valve on the valve. The diameter of the water inlet pipe should be greater than or equal to the nominal diameter of the valve, and the water outlet should be lower than the float valve. The float valve should be installed more than one meter away from the water pipe; a small hole should be drilled at the water outlet pipe in the water tank above the water level line to prevent direct empty backwater. When in use, the shut-off valve should be fully opened, and if more than two valves are installed in the same pool, the same level should be maintained. Because the closing of the main valve will lag the closing of the floating ball valve for about 30 to 50 seconds, the water tank should have enough free volume to prevent overflow. In order to prevent impurities and sand particles from entering the valve and causing work failure, a filter should be installed in front of the valve. If it is installed in an underground pool, an alarm device should be installed in the underground pump room.

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    hydraulic water level control valve, Dn40-Dn350, Pn16

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