temperature regulator valve brass thermostatic angled 15-100

Brass valve china manufacturers: modern brass angled thermostatic radiator valves temperature regulator 

Pressure rating: 1.6MPa/PN16

Working temperature range: -20°C-120°C

Connection standard: Threaded ISO-228

Size available: DN15-DN100, ½″-4″

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Brass thermostatic radiator valve, also known as brass temperature control valve, is a typical application of flow control in the field of temperature control. Thermostatic valves are mainly installed on heating radiators in residential and public buildings. The temperature control valve can adjust the room temperature according to different user requirements. Its temperature sensing part constantly detects the room temperature and automatically adjusts the heat supply at any time according to the demand of current heat to prevent the ambient temperature from overheating and achieve the best comfort for the user.

temperature regulator valve brass thermostatic angled specifications

Product nametemperature regulator valve brass thermostatic angled threaded male and female
Model no.bv04-4
Main materialbrass
Mediumwater, gas, non-corrosive liquids
Connection typemale threaded and ppr
Working temperature range(TS)-20°C-120°C
Maximum working pressure(PS)pn16/ 1.6mpa
Model sizeDN15- DN100, ½″-4″
Placed of origin China
Customized supportyes
Connection StandardISO 228

temperature regulator valve brass thermostatic angled dimensions

Temperature Regulator Valve Brass Thermostatic Angled Dimensions


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    temperature regulator valve brass thermostatic angled 15-100

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