GB: industrial valve- marking

This standard specifies the marking content and marking method of industrial valves.This standard applies to industrial metal valves. If the specific valve product standard is inconsistent with this standard, the specific valve product standard shall prevail.

Relationship to ISO 5209-1977

This standard uses the redrafted method, modified and adopted the ISO 5209-1977 (General purpose industrial valves — Marking) standard.

Compared with the ISO 5209-1977 standard, this standard has more structural adjustments, and some new contents have been added. The main technical differences are as follows:

  • Added normative citations and related citations
  • Added marking requirements
  • Added characteristic parameter signs of regulating valve, pressure reducing valve and safety valve
  • Modify the original mark not less than DN50 and the mark less than DN50 to the mark not less than DN32 and less than DN320

Relationship to GB/T 12220-1989

This standard replaces GB/T12220-1989 (General Valve Mark). Compared with GB/T12220-1989, the main technical changes are as follows:

  • Modified the standard name
  • Revised the original sign item table, divided into Table 1 (must use signs) and Table 2 (other signs), so that the content of the marked items is clear and specific, and meets the needs of relevant regulations
  • Modify the original “pressure parts material code” to “valve body material grade” and “bonnet material grade”
  • Added applicable medium, matching material grade of sealing pair, flow coefficient, maximum allowable working pressure difference, working pressure range of inlet and outlet of pressure reducing valve, set pressure, flow channel area or diameter, rated displacement or rated displacement coefficient, Marks such as opening height and marking contents of special types of valves
  • Removed quality and test marks, inspector’s stamp, etc.
  • Added marking requirements and general markings
  • The original mark not less than DN50 and the mark greater than DN50 are modified to the mark not less than DN32 and the mark greater than DN320

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